Wolverine provides a wide variety of brake insulator designs including bonded, double sticky, clip-on, and slip. Material configurations include single layer, multi-layer, and constrained layer.


Wolverine offers multiple NBR formulations with various durometer levels (hardness), allowing for a wide range of durability and NVH characteristics. NBR can be applied with a smooth or textured surface finish.


Wolverine offers both high and low coefficient of friction coatings, which act as functional topcoats when applied over rubber or steel substrates. Wolverine’s proprietary high coefficient of friction coating promotes coupling / frictional damping, while the low coefficient of friction coating promotes slip / decoupling. Both the high and low coefficient of friction coatings also improve corrosion protection, scratch, and abrasion resistance.


Wolverine has a large number of bonding adhesives designed to achieve high peel strength and damping performance.

  • Acrylic adhesives are low-to-medium temperature damping solutions with high-to-medium temperature resistance. They are primarily PSAs (pressure sensitive adhesives), which provides favorable bond behavior at room or slightly elevated temperatures.
  • Silicone adhesives are medium-to-high temperature damping solutions with high temperature resistance. They are primarily PSAs (pressure sensitive adhesives) which provide favorable bond behavior at elevated temperatures.
  • Thermoset adhesives (Nitrile / Phenolic) are fully cured and cross-linked. They provide higher bond strengths than acrylic and silicone adhesives, but require higher bonding temperatures and longer bonding duration.
  • Wolverine can provide multiple release liner types to ensure efficient removal for various manufacturing methods.


Wolverine offers a wide range of colored materials to provide product differentiation in both the marketplace and in production. Wolverine provides color-matched painted products for high gloss, high visibility applications, as well as colored PTFE for increased functional performance applications. Wolverine uses the latest colorimetry methods to ensure accuracy and consistency.


Wolverine provides quick in-house prototype development for different program phases, utilizing non-contact optical equipment for dimensional verification.

For more information visit our Brake Development & Validation Testing page.