Wolverine is a leading global supplier in the OE / OES / Aftermarket industries. Our Engineering team utilizes advanced analysis tools to break down the characteristics of the entire brake system. We then draw on our deep technical expertise and our wide range of materials to provide value-added NVH solutions that meet customer specific requirements.

Our extensive OE knowledge and experience positions us to be a competitive and innovative Aftermarket supplier. Our RCM (rubber coated metal) series of shim materials give metal stampers, OE, and Aftermarket friction suppliers the best value for the global market.


Low Coefficient of Friction CoatingPromotes slip / decoupling, improves corrosion protection, scratch, an abrasion resistance.
High Coefficient of Friction CoatingPromotes coupling / frictional damping, improves corrosion protection, scratch, and abrasion resistance.
Constrained LayerNBR core and adhesive core.
NBRVarious thicknesses from 0.001 to 0.008 inches (0.0254 to 0.203mm)
Dual Durometer
AdhesivesAcrylic, silicone, and thermosets
FinishesTextured, smooth, and color.

Additional information on thicknesses of rubber coatings and metal cores can be found in our Brake Materials Catalog.

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